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Welcome to “Uncover Your Potential: Anjali’s Coaching Realm” on lifecoachanjali.com! I’m Anjali Tiwari, a certified NLP Coach, equipped with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling. Within my coaching realm, my mission is to empower individuals in the profound journey of Self Love and Self-Care. I believe in guiding people towards embracing their own well-being without the burden of guilt or the misconception of selfishness. Together, we’ll navigate the path to self-discovery, unlocking your true potential and creating a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and a deep connection with yourself. Let’s embark on this transformative journey towards a more empowered and authentic version of you.

Brief Introduction

Welcome to lifecoachanjali.com, where I, Anjali Tiwari, blend the art of Self Awareness and the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming to ignite positive transformations in your life. With a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling, my mission is to guide you towards an easier, happier, and more fulfilling existence aligned with your dreams. Specializing in helping those grappling with loss, I offer compassionate support to navigate grief and emerge resilient. Dive into the services section to discover personalized coaching sessions crafted to unlock your full potential. In a world that often sidelines mental health, I champion its significance, aiming to reshape lives through intentional self-discovery. Join me on this exhilarating journey at lifecoachanjali.com, where we co-create a life that not only meets your goals but exceeds your wildest dreams. Your transformative adventure awaits!

Lose Your Mind and Find Your Soul

I, Anjali Tiwari, your guide on this transformative journey, blend the timeless wisdom of Buddha with the pure, unfiltered awareness embodied by a child. At My Coaching for Awareness, we believe in harmonizing these two facets to foster profound self-understanding and mindfulness. Picture Buddha as the embodiment of wisdom attained through spiritual practice and the child as the epitome of natural awareness untainted by filters. Our coaching programs are meticulously crafted to guide you through a voyage of self-discovery, seamlessly navigating through stress, anxiety, and disconnection. Tailoring each program to your specific needs, requirements, and goals, I draw from both ancient teachings and modern techniques. My firm belief is that everyone possesses the potential to awaken their inner Buddha and reconnect with their inner child. If you are ready to embark on a journey of heightened awareness and self-discovery, I am here to help. Contact us today to begin your transformative expedition!

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Know Your Coach

Welcome to the world of Life Coach, your go-to Life Coach, Certified NLP Coach, Mindfulness Trainer & Healer, and Certified Psychological Counselor! With over 15 years of expertise in TV News, TV Fiction, and Radio, I’ve transitioned into the realm of coaching to channel my passion for mental well-being. Picture a safe and judgment-free space where I infuse positive energy, guiding you to unlock your inner strengths. My journey from the dynamic world of media to becoming a certified coach was fueled by a deep desire to make a meaningful impact on lives. Let’s embark on a transformative journey together, uncovering your potential and fostering mental resilience for a happier, balanced life!

The Struggle

In 2005, at the tender age of 25, I confronted a seismic shift when a Neuroendocrine Tumor in my Pancreas led to a complex journey of pancreatomy and splenectomy.

A mere 10 days into marriage, I faced a major surgery, a prelude to an ongoing battle that unfolded over the next 17 years, marked by seven more surgeries.

Living without a pancreas and spleen became a daily challenge, as hormonal imbalances, recurring infections, and the presence of a non-cancerous hormone-producing tumor, prolactinoma, added layers of physical and mental adversity.

The year 2022 brought a staggering revelation – a second genetic blow in the form of Ankylosing Spondylarthritis, an exceptionally rare occurrence in medical science.

Despite the relentless health struggles, I continue to defy the odds, navigating life’s uncharted waters with resilience and an unwavering commitment to savoring every moment.

My journey isn’t just a tale of endurance; it’s an ode to the strength that surfaces when faced with life’s most formidable challenges, a testament to living life unapologetically against all odds.

The Miracles Of My Life

In the tapestry of my life, I find myself woven into the fabric of a true medical miracle, as the blessings of God have shielded me from diabetes despite hormonal imbalances and persistent health challenges. At the age of 38, another miraculous chapter unfolded when I was blessed with the gift of motherhood—a beautiful baby boy who forever altered the course of my existence, infusing it with newfound meaning and purpose.

Fueled by this transformative experience, I delved into a realm of holistic practices with unwavering enthusiasm. From Psychology, Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR), Law of Attraction (LOA), Meta Science, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Inner Child Healing (ICH), to Hypnosis, Yoga, and Meditation, my toolkit reflects a commitment to exploring diverse avenues of self-discovery and healing.

This journey has imparted a profound lesson—that life is an expedition without a predetermined map. We must navigate our unique routes to reach our destination, and I firmly believe that the exploration of these paths commences with an inward journey.

In my quest to live life to the fullest, I’ve discovered that two crucial elements illuminate the way: understanding one’s purpose and discerning the path to achieve it. Join me on this extraordinary journey inward, where miracles unfold, purpose is discovered, and the keys to living a fulfilled life are revealed.

Extraordinary Experiences

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Our Core Values

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